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Legions - Artillery



Format: 2 Vinyl

Genre: heavy metal, rock, Thrash

Barcode: 0039841527612




Thrash metal band from Copenhagen, Denmark, formed in 1982 by brothers Michael and Morten Stützer.

Current line-up:
Lead Guitar = Michael Stützer
Bass = Peter Thorslund
Drums = Josua Madsen
Vocals = Michael Bastholm Dahl

Former members are: Per Onink (vocals), Carsten Lohmann (vocals), Michael Rasmussen (bass), Jørgen Sandau (guitar),
Mikael Ehlert (bass), Anders Gyldenøhr (drums), Flemming Rønsdorf (vocals), Søren Adamsen (vocals), Carsten Nielsen (drums),Morten Stützer (bass)


A1  Chill My Bones (Burn My Flesh)  06:06

A2  God Feather  05:13

A3  Legions  04:37

B1  Wardrum Heartbeat  05:52

B2  Global Flatline  06:57

B3  Dies Irae  04:54

C1  Anno Requiem  04:14

C2  Enslaved To The Nether  05:27

C3  Doctor Evil  05:53

D1  Ethos Of Wrath  06:03

D2  The Almighty  03:46

D3  Eternal War  05:22



CD, Vinyl


Metal Blade Records, Фоно, Del Imaginario Discos, Metal Ways Records, Pacheco Records, Bickee Music


Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Russian Federation, Europe, USA & Canada


2013, 2014


Anders Gyldenøhr,Mikael Ehlert,Per Möller Jensen,Kræn Meier,Peter Thorslund,Morten Stützer,Michael Stützer,Carsten Nielsen,Michael Bastholm Dahl,Søren Adamsen,Per Onink,Josua Madsen,Henrik Quaade,John Mathiassen (2)

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