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Birth Of A Legend: The Truly Complete Starday & Mercury Recordings 1954-1961 - George Jones

Birth Of A Legend: The Truly Complete Starday & Mercury Recordings 1954-1961

George Jones  

Formato: 6 CD, 1 Box Set

Género: country, Folk, World, & Country

Ean: 5397102161001






George Jones (nascido em 12 de setembro de 1931, Saratoga, Texas, EUA - morreu em 26 de abril de 2013, Nashville, Tennessee, EUA) foi um cantor de música country premiado americano. Ele é conhecido por sua longa lista de registros de sucesso, sua voz e frases distintas, e seu casamento com Tammy Wynette. Durante a última parte de sua vida, Jones foi frequentemente referido como "o maior cantor de campo vivo".

Nota: Créditos que ou são o sobrenome real sozinho (ou erros de seus) ou incluir o verdadeiro forename (ou sua inicial) pertencem ao perfil de nome real George Jones (2).


1-1  No Money In This Deal 

1-2  No Money In This Deal (alt) 

1-3  For Sale Or For Lease (take 1) 

1-4  For Sale Or For Lease (take 2) 

1-5  Play It Cool Man – Play It Cool 

1-6  You’re In My Heart 

1-7  If You Were Mine 

1-8  Wrong About You 

1-9  You All Goodnight 

1-10  Hold Everything 

1-11  Hold Everything (alt) 

1-12  Heartbroken Me 

1-13  Heartbroken Me (2) 

1-14  Let Him Know 

1-15  My Sweet Imogene 

1-16  What’s Wrong With You 

1-17  What’s Wrong With You (alt)  

1-18  Painless Heart 

1-19  Still Hurtin’ 

1-20  Settle Down 

1-21  Dancing Mexican Boy 

1-22  Mexican Boogie (Boogie Woogie Mexican Boy) 

1-23  Why Baby Why 

1-24  What Am I Worth 

1-25  Seasons Of My Heart 

1-26  Seasons Of My Heart (alt) 

1-27  What Am I Worth (remake) 

1-28  It’s OK 

1-29  Your Heart 

1-30  Dancing Mexican Boy (alt) 

1-31  You Never Thought 

1-32  I’m Ragged But I’m Right 

2-1  I’m Ragged But I’m Right (alt) 

2-2  You Gotta Be My Baby (take 1) 

2-3  You Gotta Be My Baby (take 2) 

2-4  You Gotta Be My Baby (take 3) 

2-5  I’ve Got Five Dollars And It's Saturday Night 

2-6  Run Boy 

2-7  Heartbreak Hotel (short ending) 

2-8  Yes I Know Why 

2-9  'Cause I Love You 

2-10  You Gotta Be My Baby 

2-11  Rock It 

2-12  Rock It (alt) 

2-13  How Come It 

2-14  Boat Of Life 

2-15  Taggin’ Along 

2-16  Yearning 

2-17  Yearning (alt) 

2-18  I’m With The Wrong One 

2-19  Sweet Dreams 

2-20  I Take The Chance 

2-21  Any Old Time 

2-22  Gonna Come Get You 

2-23  Gonna Come Get You (alt) 

2-24  Just One More 

2-25  No Money In This Deal 

2-26  I’m With The Wrong One (edit) 

2-27  I’m With The Wrong One 

2-28  You’re Running Wild 

2-29  Singing The Blues 

2-30  Wasted Words 

2-31  One Woman Man 

2-32  Before I Met You 

2-33  Go Away With Me  

2-34  Radio Spot 1, 1956 

2-35  Radio Spot 2, 1956 

2-36  Radio Spot 3, 1956 

3-1  You're Back Again 

3-2  Don't Stop The Music 

3-3  (That's) All I Want To Do 

3-4  Uh, Uh, No 

3-5  Uh, Uh, No (alt) 

3-6  Cup Of Loneliness 

3-7  Cup Of Loneliness (alt) 

3-8  Please Take The Devil Out Of Me 

3-9  Giveaway Girl 

3-10  Too Much Water 

3-11  Flame In My Heart 

3-12  No, No, Never 

3-13  Don't Do This To Me 

3-14  Hearts In My Dreams 

3-15  Tall Tall Trees 

3-16  No Use To Cry 

3-17  One Is A Lonely Number 

3-18  That's The Way I Feel 

3-19  Frozen Heart 

3-20  Never Been So Weary 

3-21  Maybe Next Christmas 

3-22  New Baby For Christmas 

3-23  Wandering Soul 

3-24  If You Want To Wear A Crown 

3-25  Gotta Talk To Your Heart 

3-26  Nothing Can Stop Me 

3-27  I Always Wind Up Losing 

3-28  Color Of The Blues 

3-29  Eskimo Pie 

3-30  Maybe Little Baby 

3-31  Rain Rain (Rain Keeps Fallin') 

3-32  (I Believe) The Good Old Bible 

3-33  We'll Understand It (Farther Along) 

4-1  I’m Gonna Burn Your Playhouse Down 

4-2  Will The Circle Be Unbroken 

4-3  Life To Go 

4-4  Jesus Wants Me 

4-5  My Lord Has Called Me 

4-6  All By Yourself (Previously Unreleased) 

4-7  Deep In The Heart Of A Fool (Previously Unreleased) 

4-8  Last Night (Previously Unreleased) 

4-9  Now Tell Me (take 1) (Previously Unreleased) 

4-10  Now Tell Me (take 2) (Previously Unreleased) 

4-11  Now Tell Me (take 3) (Previously Unreleased) 

4-12  Now Tell Me (take 4) (Previously Unreleased) 

4-13  Treasure Of Love 

4-14  White Lightnin' 

4-15  Long Time To Forget 

4-16  If I Don't Love You (Grits Ain't Groceries) 

4-17  Stay On Board (Previously Unreleased) 

4-18  The Likes Of You 

4-19  There's Gonna Be One 

4-20  Into My Arms Again 

4-21  Who Shot Sam 

4-22  Mr. Fool 

4-23  Candy Hearts (undubbed) 

4-24  Candy Hearts 

4-25  Have Mercy On Me 

4-26  If You Believe 

4-27  Big Harlan Taylor 

4-28  Someone Sweet To Love 

4-29  Everything Ain't Right 

4-30  Relief Is Just A Swallow Away  

4-31  Money To Burn 

4-32  Time Lock  

4-33  Talk To Me Lonesome Heart 

5-1  Your Old Standby 

5-2  Watcha Gonna Do 

5-3  Accidentally On Purpose 

5-4  Vitamins L-O-V-E  

5-5  The Last Town I Painted 

5-6  Revenooer Man 

5-7  Sparkling Brown Eyes 

5-8  The First One 

5-9  You Better Treat Your Man Right 

5-10  Out Of Control 

5-11  Glad To Let Her Go  

5-12  You're Still On My Mind 

5-13  Just Little Boy Blue 

5-14  Tarnished Angel 

5-15  Slave Lover 

5-16  Why Baby Why 

5-17  Poor Man's Riches 

5-18  Heartaches By The Number 

5-19  I Love You Because 

5-20  Oh Lonesome Me 

5-21  (I'll Be There) If You Ever Want Me 

5-22  If You've Got The Money (I've Got The Time) 

5-23  I Walk The Line 

5-24  It's Been So Long 

5-25  Just One More 

5-26  You Gotta Be My Baby  

5-27  Life To Go 

5-28  Settin' The Woods On Fire 

5-29  Window Shopping  

5-30  Howlin' At The Moon  

5-31  There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight 

5-32  Hey Good Lookin' 

5-33  Half As Much 

6-1  Nobody's Lonesome For Me 

6-2  Cold, Cold Heart  

6-3  Why Don't You Love Me 

6-4  Honky Tonkin' 

6-5  Jambalaya (On The Bayou) 

6-6  I Can't Help It 

6-7  Family Bible 

6-8  The Window Up Above 

6-9  I Wouldn't Know About That 

6-10  With Half A Heart 

6-11  Aching Breaking Heart 

6-12  Battle Of Love 

6-13  Tender Years 

6-14  When My Heart Hurts No More 

6-15  Did I Ever Tell You 

6-16  Not Even Friends 

6-17  I Want To Be Where You're Gonna Be 

6-18  Waltz Of The Angels 

6-19  Are You Mine  

6-20  One Excuse Is As Good As Another  

6-21  Yearning 

6-22  Looking Back To See 

6-23  One By One 

6-24  If You Don't Somebody Else Will 

6-25  When Two Worlds Collide 

6-26  Baby (You've Got What It Takes) 

6-27  Talk About Lovin' 

6-28  I Don't Hear You 

6-29  Why Baby Why (Edited Version) 

6-30  Seasons Of My Heart (Remake) 

6-31  Heartbreak Hotel (Long Edit) 

6-32  Let Me Be Your Salty Dog (Previously Unreleased) 

6-33  Back To The Country (Previously Unreleased) 







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