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The Albums - Splodgenessabounds

Formato: 5 CD

Género: punk, rock

Ean: 5013929606401




Reino Unido Punk rock / Oi grupo que teve seus '15 minutos' em 1980, quando eles alcançaram o número 7 nas paradas do Reino Unido com 'Simon Templer / Dois Pints de Maior e um pacote de Crisps Por favor.' O acompanhamento de uma versão cover de Rolf Harris 'Two Little Boys' também fez o top trinta alcançar o número 27.


1-02  Whimsy Zoom Zoom 

1-03  It's That Sound 

1-04  I Fell In Love With A Female Plumber From Harlesden NW10 

1-05  Anarchy Chaos Stanley Ogden 

1-06  Blown Away Like A Fart In A Thunderstorm 

1-07  Poison Babies vs Batman (featuring The Pints) 

1-08  Two Little Boys 

1-09  Rolf 

1-10  I've Got Lots Of Famous People Living Under The Floorboards Of My Humble Abode 

1-11  Porky Scratchings 

1-12  Simon Templer 

1-13  Desert Island Joe (featuring Des O'Island) 

1-14  What's That Funny Noise? 

1-15  Wiffy Smells 

1-16  Two Pints (Dub) 

1-17  Michael Booth's Talking Bum 

1-18  Two Pints Of A Lager 

1-19  We're Pathetique 

1-20  Isubaleene (Part 2) 

1-21  Horse 

1-22  Sox 

1-23  Butterfly 

1-24  Bicycle Seat 

1-25  Bicycle Seat (Dub) 

1-27  Brown Paper 

1-28  Have You Got A Light Boy? 

1-29  Morning Milky 

1-30  Yarmouth 5-0 

1-31  Brown Paper (Dub) 

2-01  Pooh 'Oo's Trumped 

2-02  In Search Of The Seven Golden Gussetts 

2-03  'Old Ya Cherries 

2-04  Tough Shit Wilson 

2-05  My Baked Bean 

2-06  Crabs 

2-07  Overdramatic Songs (In Very Low Voices) 

2-08  Freefall From Paradise 

2-09  Graffiti 

2-10  Renfrew 

2-11  A Very Unfunny Comedian? 

2-12  What's Thru' This Doorrrrrr... 

2-13  Pathetique 

2-14  Pilchard Freak 

2-15  Mouth And Trousers 

2-16  We Luv We 

2-17  Give It Some Bollox 

2-18  No No Yeah 

2-19  Les Splodge Singers (The Better) 

2-20  'Ole In The Wall 

2-21  Slooshalongamax 

2-22  Cigarette 

2-23  Seven Golden Gussetts (Reprise) 

2-24  Delilah 

2-25  Lager Top 

2-26  Sandra 

2-27  My Grandma (Hurly Burly) (Iko Iko) 

2-28  The 12 Days Of Christmas 

2-29  Two Little Boys 

2-30  Two Pints Of Lager 

2-31  Delirious 

3-01  Touch Of The Rods (A Day In The Life Of A Quireboy) 

3-02  Answers On A Postcard 

3-03  Double Entendres (Song For Finbarr) 

3-04  Lemmy's Mole (Wart?) 

3-05  Lager In The House 

3-06  Go The Whole Hog 

3-07  Dangerous 

3-08  Not Many People Know That 

3-09  Haemorrhoids 

3-10  Rude Boy 

3-11  They're Coming To Take Me Away 

3-12  Intro 

3-13  'Old Ya Cherries 

3-14  Crabs 

3-15  I Fell In Love With A Female Plumber From Harlesden NW10 

3-16  Tough Shit Wilson 

3-17  Two Little Boys 

3-18  Pathetique 

3-19  Bohemian Walkway 

3-20  Morning Milky 

3-21  Michael Booth's Talking Bum 

3-22  The Butterfly Song 

3-23  What's That Funny Noise 

3-24  Two Pints Of Lager 

3-25  Big Boy Shorts 

3-26  Shang A Lang 

4-01  Scrapyard 

4-02  My Socks Gone Down My Shoe 

4-03  Poochie 

4-04  I Wouldn't Lie 

4-05  Having A Beer 

4-06  Lullaby Of Mongolia 

4-07  Truncheon Meat Squad 

4-08  Poochie (Slight Return) 

4-09  I Don't Know 

4-10  Mongols On The Streets Of London 

4-11  I'm Angry 

4-12  Singing Out Of Tune 

4-13  Genghis Khan 

4-14  The Things That Make The Mongols So Great 

4-15  Patrick Moore (He Talks To Me) 

5-01  Primrose Of The Valley 

5-02  Bloody Disgrace 

5-03  Nausea Vomiting Diahorea 

5-04  A Fistful Of Shitters 

5-05  Don't You Just Hate It 

5-06  Storm From The East 

5-07  The Laughing Policeman 

5-08  667, The Neighbour Of The Beast 

5-09  Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps (2001) 

5-10  Woe Is Moe 

5-11  A Tinny Or Two 

5-12  Parallel Lines 

5-13  Not As Easy As It Looks 

5-14  I Don't Know What Did I Do That For? 

5-15  Egg Sandwich 

5-16  What I Do Behind Closed Doors 







Winston Forbe,Baby Greensleeves,Roger Rodent,Miles Flat,Pat Thetic (2),Squint (2),Chrissie (2),Desert Island Joe,Wiffy Archer,Two Pints Pearson,Ronnie Rocker,Ronnie Rocka,Will Kimbling,Mat Sargent,Tony Diggines,Martin Everest

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