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Emerson, Lake & Palmer  

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Género: rock, Prog Rock

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CD1-1  The Barbarian 

CD1-2  Take A Pebble 

CD1-3  Knife-Edge 

CD1-5  Tank 

CD1-6  Lucky Man 

CD2-2  Jeremy Bender 

CD2-3  Bitches Crystal 

CD2-4  The Only Way 

CD2-5  Infinite Space (Conclusion) 

CD2-6  A Time And A Place 

CD2-7  Are You Ready Eddy? 

CD3-1  Promenade 

CD3-2  The Gnome 

CD3-3  Promenade 

CD3-4  The Sage 

CD3-5  The Old Castle 

CD3-6  Blues Variation 

CD3-7  Promenade 

CD3-8  The Hut Of Baba Yaga (Pt. 1) 

CD3-9  The Curse Of Baba Yaga 

CD3-10  The Hut Of Baba Yaga (Pt. 2) 

CD3-11  The Great Gates Of Kiev 

CD3-12  Nutrocker 

CD4-1  The Endless Enigma (Pt. 1) 

CD4-2  Fugue 

CD4-3  The Endless Enigma (Pt. 2) 

CD4-4  From The Beginning 

CD4-5  The Sheriff 

CD4-6  Hoedown 

CD4-7  Trilogy 

CD4-8  Living Sin 

CD4-9  Abaddon’s Bolero 

CD5-1  Jerusalem 

CD5-2  Toccata 

CD5-3  Still…You Turn Me On 

CD5-4  Benny The Bouncer 

CD6-1  Hoedown 

CD6-2  Jerusalem 

CD6-3  Toccata 

CD6-5  Take A Pebble (Including Still You Turn Me On And Lucky Man) 

CD7-1  Piano Improvisations (Including Friedrich Gulda’s Fugue And Joe Sullivan’s Little Rock Getaway) 

CD7-2  Take A Pebble (Conclusion) 

CD7-3  Jeremy Bender / The Sheriff 

CD8-2  Lend Your Love To Me Tonight 

CD8-3  C'Est La Vie 

CD8-4  Hallowed Be Thy Name 

CD8-5  Nobody Loves You Like I Do 

CD8-6  Closer To Believing 

CD9-1  The Enemy God Dances With The Black Spirits 

CD9-2  L.A. Nights 

CD9-3  New Orleans 

CD9-4  Two Part Invention In D Minor 

CD9-5  Food For Your Soul 

CD9-6  Tank 

CD9-7  Fanfare For The Common Man 

CD9-8  Pirates 

CD10-1  Tiger In A Spotlight 

CD10-2  When The Apple Blossoms Bloom In The Windmills Of Your Mind I’ll Be Your Valentine 

CD10-3  Bullfrog 

CD10-4  Brain Salad Surgery 

CD10-5  Barrelhouse Shake-Down 

CD10-6  Watching Over You 

CD10-7  So Far To Fall 

CD10-8  Maple Leaf Rag 

CD10-9  I Believe In Father Christmas 

CD10-10  Close But Not Touching 

CD10-11  Honky Tonk Train Blues 

CD10-12  Show Me The Way To Go Home 

CD11-1  All I Want Is You 

CD11-2  Love Beach 

CD11-3  Taste Of My Love 

CD11-4  The Gambler 

CD11-5  For You 

CD11-6  Canario 

CD12-1  Black Moon 

CD12-2  Paper Blood 

CD12-3  Affairs Of The Heart 

CD12-4  Romeo And Juliet 

CD12-5  Farewell To Arms 

CD12-6  Changing States 

CD12-7  Burning Bridges 

CD12-8  Close To Home 

CD12-9  Better Days 

CD12-10  Footprints In The Snow 

CD13-1  Hand Of Truth 

CD13-2  Daddy 

CD13-3  One By One 

CD13-4  Heart On Ice 

CD13-5  Thin Line 

CD13-6  Man In The Long Black Coat 

CD13-7  Change 

CD13-8  Give Me A Reason To Stay 

CD13-9  Gone Too Soon 

CD13-10  Street War 

CD14-1  Hoedown 

CD14-2  Tarkus 

CD14-3  Take A Pebble 

CD14-4  Lucky Man 

CD14-5  Piano Improvisations 

CD14-6  Take A Pebble (Reprise) 

CD14-7  Pictures At An Exhibition 

CD14-8  Blue Rondo A La Turk 

CD15-1.2  Watching Over You 

CD15-1.3  Tank / Band Interviews 

CD15-1.4  Tiger In A Spotlight 

CD15-1.5  Show Me The Way To Go Home 

CD15-1.6  Piano Concerto No.1 

CD15-1.7  Pirates 

CD15-2.1  Romeo & Juliet 

CD15-2.3  Fanfare For The Common Man 

CD15-2.4  Paper Blood 

CD15-2.5  Black Moon 

CD15-2.6  Pictures At An Exhibition 

CD15-2.7  Romeo & Juliet 

CD15-2.8  Affairs Of The Heart 

CD15-2.9  Pirates 

CD15-2.10  Affairs Of The Heart 

CD16-2  Knife-Edge 

CD16-3  Black Moon 

CD16-4  From The Beginning 

CD16-5  Affairs Of The Heart 

CD16-6  Lucky Man 

CD16-7  Fanfare For The Common Man / America / Blue Rondo A La Turk 

CD17-1  Knife-Edge 

CD17-2  Paper Blood 

CD17-3  Close To Home 

CD17-4  Creole Dance 

CD17-5  From The Beginning 

CD17-6  Pictures At An Exhibition 

CD17-7  Fanfare For The Common Man 

CD18-2  Tiger In A Spotlight 

CD18-3  Hoedown 

CD18-4  Touch And Go 

CD18-5  From The Beginning 

CD18-6  Knife-Edge 

CD18-7  Bitches Crystal 

CD18-8  Creole Dance 

CD18-9  Honky Tonk Train Blues 

CD18-10  Take A Pebble 

CD18-11  Lucky Man 

CD18-12  Tarkus 

CD18-13  Pictures At An Exhibition 

CD18-14  21st Century Schizoid Man / America 

BD-(A)1  The Barbarian 

BD-(A)2  Take A Pebble 

BD-(A)3  Knife-Edge 

BD-(A)5  Rave Up 

BD-(A)6  Lucky Man 

BD-(A)7  Promenade 

BD-(A)8  Drum Solo 

BD-(A)9  Take A Pebble (Alternate Version) 

BD-(A)10  Knife-Edge (Alternate Version) 

BD-(A)11  Lucky Man (First Greg Lake Solo Version) 

BD-(A)12  Lucky Man (Alternate Version) 

BD-(B)2  Jeremy Bender 

BD-(B)3  Bitches Crystal 

BD-(B)4  The Only Way (Hymn) 

BD-(B)5  Infinite Space (Conclusion) 

BD-(B)6  A Time And A Place 

BD-(B)7  Are You Ready Eddy? 

BD-(B)8  Oh, My Father 

BD-(B)9  Unknown Ballad 

BD-(B)10  Mass (Alternate Take) 

BD-(C)1  The Endless Enigma (Part One) 

BD-(C)2  Fugue 

BD-(C)3  The Endless Enigma (Part Two) 

BD-(C)4  From The Beginning 

BD-(C)5  The Sheriff 

BD-(C)6  Hoedown 

BD-(C)7  Trilogy 

BD-(C)8  Living Sin 

BD-(C)9  Abaddon’s Bolero 

BD-(C)10  From The Beginning (Alternative Version) 

BD-(D)1  Jerusalem 

BD-(D)2  Toccata 

BD-(D)3  Still… You Turn Me On 

BD-(D)4  Benny The Bouncer 

LP1-A  Tarkus 

LP2-C1  Still…You Turn Me On 

LP2-C2  Lucky Man 

LP2-D1  Jazzy Jam 

LP2-D2  Take A Pebble 

LP2-D3  Hoedown 

LP3-E  Pictures At An Exhibition (Medley) 

LP3-F  Blue Rondo A La Turk 

7"1-A  Lucky Man 

7"1-B  Knife-Edge 

7"2-A  Fanfare For The Common Man 

7"2-B  Brain Salad Surgery 


Box Set




UK, Europe & US


2017, 2021

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