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Virgin Steele (5 Original Albums In 1 Box) - Virgin Steele

Virgin Steele (5 Original Albums In 1 Box)

Virgin Steele  

Formato: 1 All Media, 1 CD, 1 CD, 1 CD, 1 CD, 1 CD

Género: rock, Power Metal

Ean: 0886922717901




Banda Heavy Metal de Long Island, Nova Iorque (EUA).

A banda se formou em 1981

David DeFeis - todos os vocais, teclados, orquestração, sintetizador baixo, espadas e efeitos
Edward Pursino - guitarras elétricas e acústicas
Frank Gilchriest - tambores, caos e pandemonium
Josh Block - baixo elétrico e guitarra ritmo adicional


1-1  We Rule The Night 

1-2  I'm On Fire 

1-3  Thy Kingdom Come 

1-4  Image Of A Faun At Twilight 

1-5  Noble Savage 

1-6  Fight Tooth And Nail 

1-7  The Evil In Her Eyes 

1-8  Rock Me 

1-9  Don't Close Your Eyes 

1-10  The Angel Of Light 

1-11  Obsession (It Burns For You) 

1-12  Love And Death 

1-13  Where Are You Running To 

1-14  Come On And Love Me 

1-15  The Spirit Of Steele 

1-16  The Pyre Of Kings 

2-1  The Burning Of Rome (Cry For Pompeii) 

2-2  Let It Roar 

2-3  Prelude To Evening 

2-4  Lion In Winter 

2-5  Stranger At The Gate 

2-6  Perfect Mansions (Mountains Of The Sun) 

2-7  Coils Of The Serpent 

2-8  Serpent's Kiss 

2-9  On The Wings Of The Night 

2-10  Seventeen 

2-11  Tragedy 

2-12  Stay On Top 

2-13  Chains Of Fire 

2-14  Desert Plains 

2-15  Cry Forever 

2-16  We Are Eternal 

3-1  Sex Religion Machine 

3-2  Love Is Pain 

3-3  Jet Black 

3-4  Invitation 

3-5  I Dress In Black (Woman With No Shadow) 

3-6  Crown Of Thorns 

3-7  Cage Of Angels 

3-8  Never Believed In Good-Bye 

3-9  Too Hot To Handle 

3-10  Love's Gone 

3-11  Snakeskin Voodoo Man (Full Band Version) 

3-12  Wildfire Woman 

3-13  Haunting The Last Hours 

3-14  Last Rose Of Summer 

3-15  Snakeskin Voodoo Man (Live Acoustic Rehearsal Version) 

3-16  Jet Black (Live Acoustic Rehearsal Version) 

3-17  Purple Rain (Live Acoustic Rehearsal Version) 

3-18  Wildfire Woman (Live Acoustic Rehearsal Version) 

3-19  Wildfire Woman (Live Acoustic Rehearsal Version) 

4-1  I Will Come For You 

4-2  Weeping Of The Spirits 

4-3  Blood And Gasoline 

4-4  Self Crucifixion 

4-5  Last Supper 

4-6  Warrior's Lament 

4-7  Trail Of Tears 

4-8  The Raven Song 

4-9  Forever Will I Roam 

4-10  I Wake Up Screaming 

4-11  House Of Dust 

4-12  Blood Of The Saints 

4-13  Life Among The Ruins 

4-14  The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell 

4-15  Angela's Castle 

4-16  The Sword Of Damocles 

5-1  A Symphony Of Steele 

5-2  Crown Of Glory (Unscarred) 

5-3  From Chaos To Creation 

5-4  Twilight Of The Gods 

5-5  Rising Unchained 

5-6  Transfiguration 

5-7  Prometheus The Fallen One 

5-8  Emalaith 

5-9  Strawgirl 

5-10  Devil/Angel 

5-11  Unholy Water 

5-12  Victory Is Mine 

5-13  The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell Revisited... 

5-14  Life Among The Ruins (Live) 

5-15  I Wake Up Screaming (Live) 







Kelly Nickels,Teddy Cook,David DeFeis,Jack Starr (3),Joey Ayvazian,Rob Demartino,Edward Pursino,Joe O' Reilly,Josh Block

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