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The Politics Of Dancing - Sadaharu Yagi

The Politics Of Dancing

Sadaharu Yagi  

Formato: 1 CD

Género: rock

Ean: 0790168520624






1  Sitting the Stage for Situational Salvation  00:37

2  A Deconstructionist Approach to Popular Culture   03:44

3  The Haven You Seek Is Your Own  02:58

4  An Unconventional Metaphor for an Unconventional Situation  03:19

5  Submission Holds for Men of Good Fortune   03:42

6  Did You Know That You're Living in the Town Where Dreams Go to Die?  01:14

7  In the Dark, All Cats Are Grey   03:20

8  There's No Better Anchor Then a Sinking Ship  03:54

9  The Axiomatic Principle of Reverse Stratification  02:01

10  If I Died Today, I'd Like to Have Been Able to Say It Was Worth It   03:39

11  A Clear Discrepancy Between What Is and What Should Be  04:03

12  Lifestyle Tips for the Dead (Or, Even a Broken Watch Is Richt ...)   04:04







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