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Formato: 2 Vinyl

Género: pop, rock, Pop Rock, Beat, Mod

Ean: 0602508543111

RSD 20 / 180GR.

32.12€ Envio: Imediato

RSD 20 / 180GR.

A1  I Love Her Still  01:46

A2  Gonna Get Me Someone  02:47

A3  Each & Every Day  02:12

A4  (Walking Thru' The) Sleepy City  02:09

A5  It's Gonna Happen Soon  02:01

A6  Third Time Lucky  01:46

B1  Hurt Me If You Will  02:56

B2  Really Gonna Shake  02:00

B3  Surprise Surprise  02:21

B4  Everything's Alright  02:21

B5  Now I Know  02:16

B6  I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door  02:05

C1  Don't Make Me Blue  02:06

C2  That's What I Want  02:21

C3  Once In A While  02:35

C4  Lost My Girl  03:06

C5  I Was Only Playing Games  02:43

C6  Did You Want To Run Away  02:20

D1  One By One  02:24

D2  Itty Bitty Pieces  02:08

D3  Who'll Be The Next In Line  02:00

D4  Keep On Dancing  01:58

D5  Heart Of Stone  02:21

D6  Da Doo Ron Ron  02:22


CD, Vinyl


Decca, Deram


Europe, UK & Europe


1998, 2020

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